A few words about Google AdSense

Dear friends!
This is what my blog looks like. Have you noticed the Google AdSense ad units on the margins of my blog?
I probably will not be mistaken if I say that most of you are irritated with ads - both in general, and especially on the Internet. Many of you use special ad blockers. I understand you perfectly and share your feelings. Nevertheless, I would like to draw your attention to one nuance that is not noticeable from the outside.
Large information sites hire special employees who easily receive permission to advertise. I, as a personal blogger, had to spend a lot of time and energy, so that AdSense finally found my blog suitable for placement of ad units. In addition, major information sites have tens of thousands of views a day, but I - making all possible efforts - have about two hundred, of which less than a hundred are counted as effective impressions.
Another nuance about which I learned only on my bitter experience - simple impressions of ad units are estimated very low - 2-3 cents per thousand. Large information sites take by amount, I did not achieve more than 3000 impressions per month with all my efforts. But you need to keep in mind that the ad unit is just a link by which you can go to the advertiser's site. Following a link (click) is much more valued, in my experience - from 2 cents to 1 dollar apiece. But at the same time, there are fewer clicks than impressions - I have about 10 of them a month. In other words, the income of a blog, unlike a website, can be built only on clicks - it's useless to chase after views. So, despite all my efforts, I get less than two dollars a month. But we must not forget one very important fact - AdSense prohibits publishers (like me) from clicking on banners in their own blogs, and also from asking someone to do it. So I do not want you to just click on ads without mind.
As I understand it - again, at my bitter experience - advertising on the Internet makes sense only if a consumer not only see an ad, but also orders an appropriate product or service. Surely many of you order train tickets or buy goods in online stores. In this case, AdSense takes into account your preferences, and on the banners of sites - including my blog - you can see an advertisement of your favorite stores or ticket offices. Therefore, you can easily go there through the link in my blog - for you it's worth nothing, but I'll get my pennies, which can finally be transferred to something more substantial.
For today that's all, pleasant purchases, your blogger AN)


  1. You are totally right on this. If people produce info for others to use,they should get their shares and 2 clicks does not kill anyone really :)

    1. Thank you for support dear Avrupada - I really appreciate it)

  2. Interesting post! Happy weekend!:)


  3. Great post. I am right with you on this one!