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funny google translator №6

Добрый день! Друзья, предлагаю вашему вниманию продолжение серии веселого переводчика. На этот раз я существенно изменил формат, чтобы пост действительно представлял собой разбор полета, а не просто начальную и конечную версию всего текста. За основу я взял вчерашний выпуск langsam gesprochenen Nachrichten (Deutsche Welle). Исходную работу google translator'а можно посмотреть здесь. 1. Opec ringt sich zu Förderkürzung durch - Der Ölpreis steigt: ОПЕК борется до производства разреза - повышения цен на нефть: ОПЕК решился на сокращение добычи. - Цены на нефть растут: 2. Unter dem Druck des Ölpreisverfalls haben sich die Opec-Staaten zum ersten Mal seit acht Jahren auf eine Drosselung ihrer Fördermengen verständigt. Под давлением со стороны падения цен на нефть, страны ОПЕК договорились в первый раз за последние восемь лет к снижению их расхода. Под давлением падающих нефтяных цен страны ОПЕК впервые за восемь лет согласились на сокращение добычи. 3. Energieminister einigten sich bei einem T…

Стихи про капремонт

Если ты купил квартиру в новом доме в Кенигсберге
И при этом ты хотел бы капремонта избежать
Не рассчитывай на это, государство ведь хитрее
И платить теперь ты будешь за ремонт дырявой крыши
В тех домах, жильцы которых свои метры получили
От страны советской даром

funny google translator №5

Добрый день! Друзья, я решил продолжить тему веселого переводчика. В качестве материала хотелось взять что-нибудь оригинальное и провокативное, но ничего такого найти не удалось_ и я довольствовался первой темой сегодняшних langsam gesprochenen nachrichten (Deutsche Welle). Вот что выдал наш общий друг google translator (по этой ссылке можно посмотреть оригинал) А вот так это стало выглядеть после моих усилий
На всякий случай привожу текст Согласно опросам, Клинтон победила Трампа в ходе теледебатов:Хиллари Клинтон решила в свою пользу первые теледебаты кандидатов в президенты в Соединенных Штатах против своего соперника Дональда Трампа. После довольно жарких дебатов для большинства наблюдателей Клинтон показалась более выразительной и содержательно лучше подготовленной. Первый блицопрос телекомпании CNN дал Клинтон 62 процента, лишь 27 процентов респондентов посчитали победителем Трампа. Наибольшую полемику вызвали такие вопросы, как борьба с международным терроризмом, внешнеэкономическая…

September 2016


Philosophy and skepticism

Good afternoon! Friends, today I would like to share with you my thoughts on such thing as skepticism and its role in the development of philosophy. In everyday language, a skeptic is a person who has a negative-critical look at things. In the history of philosophy, skepticism appears in late antiquity, and is in some way the result of centuries of development of human thought. When you have many theories and opinions you may involuntarily pay attention to their discordance and inconsistency; you unwittingly become a skeptic. The further development of philosophical skepticism casts doubt not only on judgment but also on perception, finding contradictions in the data of the senses. Being absolutized, this view of things denies the importance not only philosophy, but also of all science. The philosophical thesis "expose all to doubt" that at the beginning seemed to be a convenient tool for the separation appearance from the essence, did not leave room for the essence itself. In…

Why Russia is not a democratic state?

Friends, today I want to share with you my thoughts on why sometimes the presence of a formal sign does not indicate a corresponding entity. Let me explain this with a concrete example. Recently, the parliamentary elections were held in Russia. It would seem that the very existence of parliament and universal suffrage should indicate that this country is a democracy, not autocracy, tyranny, and anything else at all. However, consider the situation in detail. Can there be any cases where the existence of parliament and universal suffrage, however does not allow to call the state a democratic one? Imagine a situation when the media and in the first place nation-wide TV channels are controlled by the ruling regime and broadcast only his point of view. When a parliament, even being popularly elected, does not have its main function - to appoint the government, but only approves bills that come from the presidential administration. When the judiciary is not independent and make decisions n…

Philosophy and its place in the modern world

Good afternoon! Friends, today I would like to share with you my thoughts on such abstract subject as philosophy. And not in terms of its centuries-old historical merit, but in terms of what is its place in the modern social consciousness. The problem is just that philosophy is associated with age-old wisdom and thus turned to the past. And what is left of it, if you remove this historic, memorial, museum dimension and see what's left of it. The first thing that comes to mind is a set of abstract, general pair of terms (by the way, it is not so big at all) like matter and idea or ​​consciousness, single and general, abstract and concrete, life and death. The meaning of these terms is intuitive clear and does not require special study. Compared with the complex terminology of many of the special sciences, he seems poor and pointless.The second thing that comes to mind is the theater, it is the eternal pathos, with Shakespearean phrases, often unrelated to real life. A real man begin…

Envy: black and white

Friends, today I would like to continue the theme begun in the previous post, where I tried to explain the origin of religious fanaticism on the basis of envy of the backward peoples to the civilized ones. This kind of envy can be called a black one, passed into hatred. In science this feeling is called "ressentiment". However, I think that besides this type of envy can be other - white envy, which is as black can be not only personal, but also social, and lead to completely different results. Take, for comparison of the post-war South Korea and the modern so-called Islamic State. In both cases we have a backward and war-ravaged economy and a passionate population. Only in the case of South Korea, this passionarity bearing the character of white envy to a civilized way of life, has led to an active creative massive work to achieve a European standard of living, and in the second, this passionarity, turned into a black envy and hatred of "decadent West" was embodied…

Fanaticism and the energy of envy

Good afternoon! Friends, today I want to continue the theological theme begun in the previous post, in which I tried to draw a parallel between psychology of adherents of idea of ​​an Islamic state, and the psychology of the kingdom of God, which had been circulated in the public consciousness of Palestine 2000 and 3000 years ago - in the time of the formation of Judaism and Christianity. In all these cases we see the strongest fanatical faith, which is expressed in opposition to the secular authorities, and in readiness to make what is now called terrorist acts. But justified or unjustified, such an analogy leaves open the question about the causes of this type of psychology or of the type of social consciousness. This is the question I would like to consider today. So, let us continue the analogy. What other similarities can be found in public life during the formation of all the Abrahamic religions? These religions - both during its inception, and during major fractures in their hist…

Religion within the limits of my reason: ​​Christianity and IS

Friends, today I want to share with you my thoughts on a historical analogy. Watching the events occurring in the Middle East and beyond, namely, the surge of religious fanaticism of people ready to die and kill in order to create an Islamic state, could not help think about the nature of religion in general and the origins of the Christian religion in particular. So, let's try to apply modern events unfolding in Syria and Iraq, to ​​the ones that took place in the same or a little to the west, two thousand years ago. And what do we see? Dozens of self-proclaimed prophets, fanatically asserting that only they properly understand Scripture, recruit their supporters, hate their opponents and supporters of the official Judaism, because they might have perverted the teaching of purity, are mired in sins, and been sold to the decadent West in the face of the Roman Empire. These fanatics periodically raised rebellions, disrupting the social life of the Roman Province. One of these fanat…


Friends, today I want to share with you my thoughts on the fact, that in Russia called the "overhaul of apartment buildings". As is known, in Russia since the days of the Soviet Union was built a large number of multi-storey apartment buildings, which are home to the majority of the urban population. Initially, the owner of the property was the state that has built these houses at their own expense and provided free of charge to its citizens in the queue order. The massive construction of such houses began after the Second World War, during the reign of Nikita Khrushchev, so most Soviet-built homes are still called "Khrushchevki". They were prefabricated panel houses not very high quality and short-lived. So they started to degrade in 30-40 years. At this time, as the time the Soviet Union collapsed, and most of the residents of these homes free privatized their apartments, getting them to the property. But the fact of privatization means that now the burden of mai…

Do we really need the World Cup in Russia?

Friends, today I want to share with you my thoughts on the construction of the stadium for the World Cup 2018 in Kaliningrad. It so happened that the next Sunday in Russia will be an election and the day before we were invited to the pre-election meeting with the candidate, to be held in a small district library. MP himself has not come, he was represented by his assistant. In the hall were not more than 10 people. After the official word and distributing booklets few people have asked to speak. They talked about the problems with public transport, the lack of apparatus for crushing kidney stones in the district hospital (it turns out he was there before) about the local history museum of North Mountain, what we ought to do about Aschman Park, which is good for dog walking, but bad for the people, of the crumbling houses of crumbling buildings, dating back to the Germans. In a timid remark that it would be good to make a track in the park was the answer - do not wait until 2018, the r…

What should we do with ISIS?

Friends, today I would like to share with you my thoughts on such issue as the Islamic state. As is well known, it is located on parts of territory of Iraq and Syria, defends the ideas of radical Islam, does not avoid the bloody and demonstrative massacres of their opponents, videos of executions of which it puts on youtube, shocking the public. In addition, supporters of the Islamic state are found outside this territory, in particular in Europe, where they are also organize tettor acts. The world community is struggling with ISIS, and for quite different reasons. Take, for example the United States and Russia - the first, together with its European allies are fighting against the terrorist threat posed by ISIS, and Russian anti-terrorist rhetoric is used to maintain the regime of Bashar Assad in Syria. Fighting ISIS has been going on for several years and has not yet yielded notable success. Moreover, the ideas professed by the leaders of this organization are supported both on its t…

funny google translator №4

Дорогие друзья! Предлагаю вам очередную порцию веселого немецко-русского переводчика. Оригинал взят из langsam gesprochenen Nachrichten (Deutshe Welle) за 7-е сентября этого года. Вот так перевел этот текст google translator: а это мой улучшенный вариант: На всякий случай привожу текст: Российский Левада-центр прекратил свое существование: Под давлением со стороны властей единственный в России независимый институт исследования общественного мнения - Левада-центр прекратил свою работу. После того, как власти классифицировали институт в качестве так называемого "иностранного агента", стало "практически невозможно", продолжать свою деятельность, сказал директор Левада Лев Гудков. Он заявил, что в понедельник будет подана апелляция. - Соединенные Штаты выразили озабоченность. Центр является международно признанным и славится высоким качеством своей работы, сказал пресс-секретарь Государственного департамента США Марк Тонер. - В России политически активные организации, которы…

funny google translator №3

Очередная порция веселого русско-немецкого переводчика. Текст взят из langsam gesprochenen Nachrichten (Deutsche Welle)

You can click on the picture and see where did it come from
1) "Штайнмайер угрожает Турции с концом вставки Инджирлик" - угрожает закрытием военной базы в Инджирлике 2) "Федеральный министр иностранных дел Франк-Вальтер Штайнмайер пригрозил Турции с окончанием миссии бундесвера в анти-IS бороться, должно быть отказано в депутаты продолжили посещение базы Инджирлик". - пригрозил окончанием участия бундесвера в борьбе против ИГ, если немецким парламентариям и дальше будет отказано в посещении базы Инджирлик. 3) "Если Бундестаг должен принять дополнительные мандаты для использования за границей в Инджирлик, депутаты также смогут посетить сайт". Бундестаг выдаст разрешение на продолжение иностранной миссии только в случае, если депутатам будет позволено посещать ее месторасположение. 4) "Штайнмайер также отклонил требование турецкого минист…